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a. I. the ordering of assets: Club Med put fixed assets before current assets but U.S. companies would do it inversely. Also, the current assets, U.S. companies follow order of liquidity so they would put bank and cash in first place and then receivables. Ordering of liabilities: U.S. companies would put liabilities before shareholder’ equities but Club Med did it inversely. Also, U.S. companies would divide liabilities into short term liabilities and long term liabilities. Short term liabilities would follow the order of liquidity. II. 1. The financial statements of U.S companies only present the data from two years but Club Med present the data from three years. 2.…show more content…
and deferred charges 54 Total current assets 427 Fixed Assets Land 118 Property and equipment, net 715 Other fixed assets, net 184 Total fixed assets, net 1,017 Intangible assets, net 245 Investments in and loans to unconsolidated affiliates 92 Deferred taxes 49 Total assets 1,830 LIABILITIES Trade accounts payable 120 Short-term bank loans 114 Amounts received for future vacations 79 Accrued expenses and deferred income 44 Current portion of long-term debt 43 Other current liabilities 125 Total current liabilities 525 Deferred taxes 40 Provision for contingencies and

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