Cluster Analysis in Market Segmentation

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Although we now know how to make clusters of similar items, another question still has to be answered. We have seen that the procedure of clustering uses distances between characteristics of a given data to discern their similarities. But when it comes to things like people, words or object, how can we determine their characteristics and then handle them to provide computable patterns, because equations or formulas algorithms tend to provide solutions using numbers? Let’s clarify this through a simple example, where clustering is needed to be applied in the marketing field. Right after, we will get more explicitly into our task, that is analyzing how data is handled before clustering it when looking for similar words in protein-protein interactions in a biomedical corpus text Cluster Analysis in market segmentation Cluster analysis is widely used in the marketing area, mostly while dealing with multidimensional data retrieved from surveys and test panel. Clustering is generally used to segment the consumers into market groups or clusters in order to understand the behaviors and relationships between different clusters of consumers and/or potential customers. It is well known that customers are not all alike. And this makes it an understandable challenge for developing and marketing products and services. It’s never obvious that every product or service offered will be appropriate for every customer and customers have different responses to marketing efforts. Clustering the

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