Clyde Butcher: A Picture Analysis

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Clyde Butcher started off as a sheet-metal worker, He was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1942. When he was a child he already was creating types of art he drew designs of boats and made ship prototypes from scrap metal, he spent most of his childhood making these types of things. He went to college at California Polytechnic state University, and he also graduated with a degree in architecture. After he graduated he realized that he had a inability to draw designs for architecture. So he taught himself how to take pictures so he wouldn’t have to draw designs, just take pictures of them. He married Niki Vogel and from there on his career in architecture was in the past and photography was his passion. Clyde had a seventeen-year-old son named Ted. Ted was Clyde’s motivation to go into the wilderness and take photos; a drunk…show more content…
The clouds are spotted which makes the picture better and more unique. I think that he took this picture because in most of his pictures they are all landscapes and black and white. I can tell that he also likes water in his pictures because her uses it a lot. These rocks are the positive space of the photo, they draw your attention to them. The water reflects the rocks almost like a mirror and makes them look even bigger than they are. Overall I like Clyde Butchers photographs, most of his pictures cover a large space of land with big clouds and it looks cool. Some of his pictures have reflections of large things like mountains from a lake or pond and pictures like that reminds me of something that I would want to take. Clyde went through some hard times like when he lost his son, I think that would give anyone motivation to do better in life. He said that when he was in the nature taking pictures it made him closer to his son, it just makes hos story better. I like Clyde’s Butchers artwork it is defiantly
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