Essay about Cm 206 Unit 7 Project

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CM206: Interpersonal Communication
Unit 7 Project

1) From the interaction does it seem to you that Alan is actively listening? Why or Why not? It does not seem that Alan is actively listening at all. He may be hearing the voices of his employees but he is not listening to them as they answer the questions that he has asked. He is also not mindful in his interactions with his employees. He is scribbling notes, shaking his head, constantly frowning and does not give the person he is talking to direct eye contact when speaking to them. Finally, Alan is not responding appropriately to what his employees are saying. He is not showing through his words or actions that he cares nor is interested in engaging them in further
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In the end he did not respond to her questions regarding the security of her job. This shows that he is not effectively listening to anything that Gretchen had to say regarding her work performance or position with the company. B) In the second scenario, he starts off by giving good eye contact and appears attentive. As the conversation progresses and the gentleman tries to explain why he has missed so many days of work. Alan hears the emotionally loaded language and immediately shuts down; he even goes as far as to inform his employee that he does not want to discuss family issues while becoming visibly agitated. 4) Using the effective listening guidelines in the text, make three suggestions that would allow Alan to fulfill his responsibility to provide employees with critical feedback about performance and to establish a supportive climate. A) At this time Alan seems to be just barely listening, only to fulfill his professional responsibility. Alan should be listening to gain information, as well as become a support system to the employees he is tasked to supervise. In order to effectively listen and gather the information necessary to complete his employee evaluations, Alan must overcome the obstacles in his self-concept that causing his discomfort with the task. Once Alan addresses these issues, he can learn to be mindful toward

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