Cm220 - Final Project

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Unit 9 – Final Project
Kristopher Turek
Kaplan University

CM 220 Section X
Professor Eric Miller
Tuesday, May 22nd 2012

Formal Letter to Senator–

The Honorable Barbara Boxer
112 Hart Senate Office Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
Dear Senator, Identity theft is an issue faced on a daily basis for those that are living in our wonderful state of California. For some it is common knowledge to protect your identity but for those that are not familiar with the practices of these common crooks, will cost a lifetime of savings and irreparable damage to ones credit and finances. According to the California Office of Privacy Protection, “there were more than 11 million victims of Identity Theft in the
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IC3 also provides updates of new threats that are present on the internet, Trojan horses and phishing scams that are intended for stealing personal information from your computers., another powerful resource tool that provides informational articles and websites that inform users on internet safety tips, identity theft trends and internet do’s and don’ts for kids. educates users on how to avoid financial crimes locally and internationally and how to protect your identity while online. Finally, if in the event you have a complaint, walks you through the step on reporting the fraud to the appropriate authorities.
How do we protect Karen Greenwood of North Carolina? There are many resources that educate on tax fraud available online to Karen and each time we hear “I didn’t know they could do that”. has dedicated an entire site to educate, inform and provide tools to protect from tax fraud. Simple in concept to do the research yet many citizens do not even know these resources exist.
What will it cost?
This information should and will be publicly broadcasted for everyone to know and understand how to protect themselves with Fraud Awareness Month. The United States nationally recognizes “Take your daughter and son to work day” and though there are no funds that actually promote the activity, parent across the globe participate every year. The advertising

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