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Entrance Examination Syllabus Reference Material Copyright 2006 The Society of Management Accountants of Canada All rights reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form without the permission of the copyright holder. Entrance Examination Syllabus Reference Material Introduction The purpose of this reference material is to assist you in reviewing your technical knowledge of selected topics listed in the CMA Entrance Examination Syllabus. The questions illustrate the range in type and depth of knowledge that may be tested in CMA Entrance Examination questions, but they do not represent simulations of the style and composition of CMA Entrance Examination questions. This material contains a selection of problems and…show more content…
CMA Canada Entrance Examination Syllabus Reference Material Question Number Interim reporting (FA) Harburg Ltd. 20 24 1 17 21 26 30 13 28 21 27 29 17 5 10 26 29 30 1 7 8 12 27 30 1 10 12 13 27 30 10 29 30 Internal control Precision Company Joint costing (MA) Canadian Alcov Ltd. Leases (FA) Oletivy Ltd. Audiotron Limited Management control in not-for-profit and government organizations (MA) Amos Police Force Marketing Worldtech Operations management Sweet Company Harvard Industrial Tools Inc. Ownership equity and earnings per share (FA) Audiotron Limited Epic Ltd. High Tech Incorporated Pensions (FA) Oletivy Ltd. Performance evaluation and reward systems (MA) Ferguson Foundry Limited Cedar Electronics Limited Amos Police Force High Tech Incorporated Worldtech Pricing (MA) Canadian Alcov Ltd. Shanks Golf School Brookfield Gearbox Products Slick Ltd. Epic Ltd. Worldtech Relevant costing (MA) Canadian Alcov Ltd. Cedar Electronics Limited Slick Ltd. Sweet Company Epic Ltd. Worldtech Responsibility accounting (MA) Cedar Electronics Limited High Tech Incorporated Worldtech CMA Canada 4 Entrance Examination Syllabus Reference Material Question Number Segmented information (FA) Harburg Ltd. Epic Ltd. 20 27 9 13 14 25 29 28 22 30 10 30 4 5 6 11 28 Short and intermediate-term financial planing and management (CF) Vancouver Excavation Limited Sweet Company Pro-Chip
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