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Project Proposal Outline 1. Project Title Call Center Implementation Project 2. Project Objective This project will allow the roll out of three new call centers for the NASA John C. Stennis space center. 3. Project Background This project will create three new call centers at the with the NASA agency to accept customer calls. This call center will support all 14 of NASA’s site. Call center agents will assist customers with tier 0 problems. If customers cannot be properly assisted the call center agents will into a ticket and route the tickets to the appropriate sites. The call center will handle all customer issues from computer problems to human resources questions. This is a well-organized approach for the managing of customer…show more content…
Also an analog one-line back up phone should be placed on each desk for maintenance reasons or if for some reason the ACD (automatic all dialer) system goes off line agents can still accept calls. All call center agents will also use a laptop computer with dual monitors to all them to be flexible and have the ability to test wired and wireless issues a customer may have. Each agent will have a unique and secured user account. The only person who should be able to access an agent’s account is that agent. After the implementation of the call centers it is necessary to train the center managers on the systems that will be used in the call center. There will be a 3 day training class offered at a centralized location for the 3 call center managers and the assistant mangers. 5. Stakeholders It is important with any project to involve the key stakeholders from the very beginning. This will help make the projected project plan as robust as possible and would also help to make the top management team more away of the plan. In order to make an accurate assessment of what is needed to complete this project it is important to identify the key stakeholders. The following people have been identified as the stakeholders. Chief Information Officer Director of Information Technology Director of Human Resources Director of Customer

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