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Risk Assessment


Sioux Falls, SD is one of McBride’s locations. McBride Financial Services utilizes sensitive equipment and toxic chemicals during its manufacturing process. These high end and dangerous items place the location at risk. Some of the threats include: use of toxic chemicals, public transportation, crime, and acts of terrorism. It is McBride’s responsibility to mitigate these threats.

Use of Toxic Chemicals

McBride Financial Services must control the risk of its use of toxic chemicals. “In its 2009 report Science and Decisions: Advancing Risk Assessment, the NAS recommended a process to address and communicate the uncertainty and variability inherent in a risk assessment…”
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Although there is no actual risk to the Sioux Falls headquarters from the bus terminal itself, a bus stop is to be found a few yards from the headquarters. For the reason that the bus stop is very near the office, the likely risk of a bus collision is there, as also the hazard of a bomb exploding and/or terrorism. To lessen the dangers, a recommendation that every office window be installed with security glass, protective bars installed to every external window frame, and a steel protection entry screen be attached to the front entryway with a remote controlled security device.

Railroad Terminals. With a railway station within walking distance to McBride Financial Services, precautions must be made to mitigate derailing of train cars. Railway cars contain a great deal of mass. When you combine that with velocity, you obtain force. A runaway rail car could obtain enough force to destroy sections of McBride Financial Services. With that in mind, it is essential that McBride invest in precautionary measures. This could include crafting railway dunes to prevent railway cars from colliding with McBride’s structures.


In any city or town there is always criminal activity present (Albanese, 2003). Sioux Falls is no exception. For that reason, McBride must have protection on its own from every kind of crime that could go on. This is to include deliberate actions taken towards McBride’s properties and actions taken
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