Cmgt 442 Week 4 Individual Assignment Outsourcing Risks Essay examples

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Outsourcing Risks Name Course Date Instructor Outsourcing Risks Outsourcing has become an integral part of many organizations today. Outsourcing has its advantages and disadvantages that organizations will have to weigh to decide whether or not outsourcing is the best possible solution to their current problems and business operations. Outsourcing refers to the process of hiring external provider to operate on a business or organization function (Venture Outsource, 2012). In this case, two organizations or businesses enter a contract where there will be an exchange of services and payments. This paper will discuss the possible risks an organization may encounter in outsourcing in relation to the use of an external service…show more content…
Computer Support Computer support is essential in any organization that uses computers. Employees may be specialized in their specific fields but they are not necessarily considered computer experts. As such, it is important for an organization to have a body that will support their employees and help them with their computer problems. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing computer support is that it minimizes the time spent by employees fixing their own or co-workers computers and systems. This improves productivity by increasing their focus on their specific tasks and not worries on how to fix computer problems. Even though self-support may be a good thing to have, it is advisable for employees to give their full attention to the important tasks at hand. Additionally, if an employee tries to fix his or others’ computers, he may not be following the company’s standards and guidelines. Workstations will always have important or sensitive data in them so it is critical that the organization ensures the third party computer support provider is trustworthy by reviewing their history and analytical reports and by also retrieving feedbacks from their past and existing clients. Several security policies must be put into place so that the organization will feel safe that the data within the systems being fixed are not abused in any way or form. Network Support Many organizations rely on their

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