Cmgt 554 Week 5 Essay

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CMGT 554 Week 5 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal UoP Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal CMGT 554 Week 5 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal In today’s market you must have a Web presence to compete. Hospitals are no longer immune to changes brought about by the intenet and web based transactions. Patton-Fuller must look internally to see what services could be offered through a Web Portal to extend as much information to their patients as possible. Some information that could be delivered to patients electronically are newsletters, viewing of peoples public information that are currently in the hospital, such as patients’ room numbers, as well as the ability to purchase…show more content…
The Hospital can also provide information on their website of all doctors residing at the facility. The information provided to the patients can be short bios about the doctor, the doctor’s specialty, and office contact information. This can help put a face to a name for the patient. The patient can choose a doctor from their existing staff and medical providers. There are plenty of sites that allow user to rate doctors, but the hospital website will be designed purely for a customer service purposes. It will not allow rating. The customers will be given a space to correspond with the doctor through chat or e-mail, but no space will be provided for a comment’s or reactions. The Web Portal could also be expanded to provide outside vendor services such as, Just in Time pharmaceutical replenishment and inventory updates. Just in Time pharmaceutical replenishment will allow the hospital to automatically replenish stock and optimize inventory. The hospital will have to grant access to its database to companies similar to Just in Time, but the rewards for the hospital will be phenomenal. The hospital can cross references the prescription company’s database to ensure that no other medication the patient is taking will have complications for the patients or adverse effects. The system could also recommend alternatives to the prescribe medications to even further

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