Cmgt 575 Week 5

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University of Phoenix CMGT - 575 Assignment from Sylabus: Prepare a 2-3 page narrative of your HR integaration project to explain you approach to the project’s sponsor, Hugh McCauley. Assignment Clarification from Questions & Comments Thread: This should be a personal narrative of your experience while working through the various stages of the assignment, using MS Project, comments, what would you have done differently, etc. ATTN: Hugh McCauley Service Request 004 for Riordian Manufacturing (SR-rm-004) asks to analyze the current human resource system to integrate the existing variety of tools in use today win a single integrated application (University of Phoenix Virtual Organizations, 2012). The current Human Resource…show more content…
It was educational and relevant to list possible positions and assign associated costs, initial use costs, overtime rates and even availability that ranged from part time to full time with any given mixture and fully customizable availability calendars. Some, but not all, of the positions that I created for my HR integration project include Programming Engineers, Hardware Specialists, Management Personnel, Contract Programmers, Analysts and more. Costs were intended to be realistic and representative of a real life work environment and ranged from $60/hr to $140/hr. As mentioned above, higher detail through the accompanying project outline, and Gantt chart are available in the attached PDF. In summation, I found this project to be very informative and very open ended. The key to success is getting an early start and taking the time to ask questions early so that there is enough time for the questions to be answered. The University of Phoenix provides us with the necessary resources to learn the required software well enough to succeed however, the best way to learn is to review the tutorials well ahead the project is due with no pressure to learn in order to immediately complete the assignment because the rush and the pressure will not allow for the best learning experience. The internet is also full of resources and knowledge that is of potential relevance to the class

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