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Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Risk Assessment & Security Audit Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Risk Assessment & Security Audit Risk assessment and threat assessment should go hand-in-hand.The outcome of the risk assessment and threat assessment should provide recommendations that maximize the protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability while still providing functionality and usability. The purpose of a risk assessment is to ensure sensitive data and valuable assets are protected. An organization should take a hard look at who has access to sensitive data and if those accesses are required. The security audit should monitor the companies systems and users to detect illicit activity.The security audit should…show more content…
Third, it places restrictions on how agencies can share an individual's data with other people and companies. Fourth and finally, it lets individuals sue the government for violating its provisions," (Apollo Group, 2013). There are three major ethical priorities for electronic health records: privacy and confidentiality, security, and data integrity and availability. The key to preserving confidentiality is making sure that only authorized individuals have access to information. The process of controlling access begins with authorizing users. The user’s access is based on pre-established, role-based privileges. Hence, designating user privileges is a critical aspect of medical record security: all users have access to the information they need to fulfill their roles and responsibilities, and they must know that they are accountable for use or misuse of the information they view and change. Security Management Effectiveness PFCH has had a little privacy compliance issues in the past, but the issues were investigated and handled quickly. The major concern for the hospital is the loss of the CD's containing patient medical information and medical errors. This could have been avoided with additional security measures in place. At first glance, the company seems very effective in their ability to secure and protect the information. The company has asked for proof of their effectiveness and the

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