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In this assignment I will look at the ways in which data is gathered and selected, I will show my understanding of how to interpret data and information, and how I communicate the results of the information analysis.

For the second part of the assignment I will show my understanding of the following: * The process of recruitment and selection * The process for recruitment, and * The process for selection

The Process of Human Resource Management Plan
“The human resource planning process, demands the HR manager to first understand the business requirement. Only if he comprehends the nature and scope of the business, will he be able to employ those who will deliver the required performance. When it comes to engaging the
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Need for change Staff numbers have declined since 2008; the team consisted of ten Housing Support Workers and two Senior Housing Support Workers. All Schemes but one had a HSW onsite 24/7.
Four Housing Support Workers retired, and the two Senior Housing Support Workers were made redundant. At the time the total of the sheltered accommodation flats was 150, now the total is 200 flats, the amount of Housing support workers is eight.
An assessment was done, and it concluded that two schemes do not need a HSW onsite 24 hour. The hours were reduced from 24 hours to 8 hours a day in one scheme, and reduced from 8 hours to 4 hours a day in another scheme.

“According to a report written by Professor Ian Philip in 2004, National Director for Older People’s Health, older people are living longer.”

According to the above fact, the demand for various services for older people is increasing. Sheltered Housing is a great way for an older person to remain independent in their own home and have support available if they required it.
Taking that fact into consideration; LJHA has provided two schemes that have 24/7 support available on site. The decision to have the HSW’s on site 24 hours a day at those two schemes was based on many factors including

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