Cmi Level 5 Unit 04

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Leadership and Management Development Programme Assessment Module 02 Michael Harman Curriculum Leader (Engineering and Motor Vehicle YCC) Performance Management Assignment (Unit 5003) Michael Harman Contents Introduction 3 Identifying and agreeing Performance Objectives 4 - 5 Assessing performance and provide feedback 6 Understanding Performance improvement 7 - 10 Applying Discipline and Grievance Procedures 11 - 12 Summary 13 Reference 14 Introduction Unit Aim The aim of this assignment is to explore the key areas of ‘Performance Management’ in relation to Policies and Procedures followed by the Grimsby Institute. The assignment consists of 4 main objectives which are as…show more content…
The full document relating to Appraisal Procedure at Yorkshire Coast College can be found at: PolicyV1 Learning Objective 3 .1 Performance Improvement Cycle When we consider the requirements of performance Improvement, then we must first gain an overall understanding: The cycle shown above, demonstrates a ‘closed loop system, where problems can be identified, rectified and reviewed in a continuous state. This is one method that can be used to ensure that Employers and employees are: ‘’in the right seat on the right bus’’ Performance improvement is the concept of measuring the output of any particular educational process or procedure which is currently being used by the college and may be subject to quality (OFSTED for example), then modifying the process or procedure to increase the output, increase efficiency, or increase the effectiveness of the process or procedure. This process can lead to great success if accepted and used correctly in all departments of the college. This concept of performance improvement can be applied to either individual performance such as a student or organisational performance such as a class. Within the Grimsby Institute Group, performance Improvement is the concept of organisational change management in which the managers and governing body of the Institute put into place and manage a programme which measures the current level of

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