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City of Toronto Grants Department

Date: November 15, 2011

To: Mayor Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto cc: Toronto City Council

From: Senior Grants Officer

Subject: Ford City Grants Fund Application from Toronto Arts Council

The Toronto Arts Council has applied to a new fund, the Ford City Grants Fund, which was created for granting funding to non-profit organizations. Successful bidders will receive up to a $50,000 grant to offset costs from their operations and expenditures.

This report serves to critically evaluate the Toronto Arts Council and determine whether it is worthy of receiving funding from the new Ford City Grants Fund. It will begin by providing a brief overview of the Toronto Arts Council and its
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The Toronto Arts Council's primary objectives include providing grants to outstanding artists and arts organizations. As such, the Toronto Arts Council's activities contribute directly to Toronto's cultural life and environment.

2. Benefits of arts and culture to Toronto’s Tourism industry

The local arts and culture scene supports Toronto's tourism industry, one of the key pillars of its economy.

The arts and culture sector (which is a subset of Toronto's Tourism industry) as a whole accounts for between 133,000 to 190,000 jobs and $9 billion of economic activity every year, comparable to other much-hyped sectors such as high-tech or biomedical (The Economic Importance of Culture to Toronto: Final Report, 2001).

Toronto is famous for its liberal, expressive arts, and the local performing arts scene has been in the spotlight many times and received numerous rewards (Henry, C., 2009). Every year, flocks of tourists are drawn in by world-renowned theatre events and festivals. Examples include (Toronto International Film Festival Inc., 2011):

* the Toronto International Film Festival, which draws in approximately 1.3 million visitors each season; and * the Canadian National Exhibition, which features 336 films from 64 different countries and draws in over 500,000 people annually, including numerous famous celebrities

The Toronto Arts Council's activities and funding helps
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