Cnn, Foxnews, Msnbc Comparison Essay

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Breaking News with CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News
Immediately, when I went to, I found a link with a picture to see all information, about the terror strike in Mumbai. Also, there was links where you could click on videos to see how deadly the situation truly was. included things such as: the causalities rates and also how many people were injured. Furthermore, the site also gives information about how you could link this story to Facebook, or even Twitter, so that other people could read about what is going on around the world. With this in mind, this could and would increase publicity, making more people view the top stories as a result. Therefore, provided a lot of information and coverage of the terror strike
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The article did not provide as much information, as or provided about the bombing in Mumbai. Also, on this website you have the option of leaving comments, email someone, link the story to Facebook, and even on Twitter. However, there is no other article which provides, or emphasis into details more about the gruesome terror attack. On there are also videos and pictures that could be viewed to show the extent of the damage caused by the bombing. Furthermore, provided information about the previous explosions in 2008, which killed 166 people, during the terror attack. Therefore, this website provided majority of the same information, but it was just difficult to locate, the article itself. Several things within these websites, like how they stated the causalities and injured rates, as well as the location. Furthermore, they also provided pictures and video features of the targeted disaster area. However, these sites were different in many ways, also. CNN makes the article available to see and view as the top story, as for MSNBC it bolds the information using color-coded letters for the top stories. On the other hand, on Fox news you have to actually search through different tabs to locate the article you are looking for. Also, with this in mind, the

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