Cnn 's Theory Of News Values

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“News reporting in the UK can best be understood through the theory of news values”

News values are a set of theories that look to explain the reasons for stories appearing in the media. News values are ‘general guidelines or criteria used by media outlets to determine how much prominence to give to a story ’ (Spencer-Thomas, 2013). The new values theories aim to explain why decisions are made to prioritise certain stories. ‘A hard news story carries information in order of news value ’ (Keeble, 2014), which explains why certain stories have much more coverage than others. Richard Keeble and Galtung and Ruge attempt to explain news values in their theories. Galtung and Ruge’s theory of news values includes: negativity, proximity, breaking news, currency, continuity, uniqueness, simplicity, personality, predictability, elite nations, elite persons and threshold. Keeble’s theory of news values is composed of: warns of danger, threats to freedom, extension of human life, the attempt to improve the economic or political of readers, changes to the quality of life, threats to the future, sport and fashion and human interest (sex and celebrities). It could be argued that the theory of news values help people to understand news reporting and the choice to give some stories more attention than others, but it could also be argued that the theory doesn’t help understanding news reporting or how stories are prioritised.

On one hand, it could be said that news values successfully…
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