Co Production Strategy For Guests And The Loews Bay Hotel

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The correlation of creating a new co-production strategy utilizing a mobile app and the advantages for the guests and the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel were examined. The group created a new concept of a mobile app that can be used by tablets, smartphones or laptops to access all amenities offered at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel. Guests are invited to use this app, allowing them to be active participants in the co-production process. The advantages and disadvantages of the new app strategy for guests and the organization were evaluated. Added value to the experience, training the guest, and guest motivation were also discussed. There is a clear correlation that creating a new mobile app for Lowes Portofino Bay Hotel and having guests…show more content…
Hospitality establishments are continually trying to improve customer service and new innovations are being created every day. “Customer participation is an important component of the service production process” (Wattanakamolchai, 2008, p. 1). One concept to improve the customer service delivery system is to have guests become participants in the actual production and this term is called the “co-production”. Since new technologies encourage a new genre of experience, the concept designed for a new co-production strategy for Portofino Bay Hotel is a mobile app. A mobile app is a software program guests can download and have access by directly using their phone or any other mobile device. This mobile app will provide guests a platform to be used from their mobile device by using their tablet, mobile phone or laptop. The mobile app will allow guests to book their rooms, check-in, use as a room key, check-out, make reservations at any of the restaurants or at the spa, purchase tickets for Universal Orlando theme parks, and provide immediate guest feedback on all services rendered. This, in turn, will allow the guests to play an active role in guest participation in creating their own memorial experience. The advantages of this new concept of Portofino Bay’s mobile app for the guests is three-fold. According to Pine and Gilmore (1998), “Active participation, in which customers play key

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