Co Sleeping

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Everyday I wake up feeling like a ton of bricks have just hit me. I have had to go to work with a busted lip. I have even awakened to find bruises on different parts of my body. Although it may sound as if I sleep on a construction site, I actually sleep in my queen size bed along with my three and six year old sons. I began co-sleeping with each of them at birth. It made life much easier during the infant phase of their lives. But that phase has been long gone. I believe that I was able to bond even more with my children through co sleeping. But now I find myself too often tired and unable to concentrate on tasks. While parents who co sleep feel closer to their children, co sleeping is a common issue for parents. Co sleeping has…show more content…
The interruption of sleep has a negative impact on parents too. Tired parents may not perform well at work and may also put on extra weight (Dominus, Redbook, Oct2010). Every parent that made the decision to practice co sleeping had or at least thought they had a good enough reason to do it. As I mentioned earlier, I began during the infant phase of my children’s life. It just made life much easier during that time. Now what do I do? “Most experts agree that kids should be sleeping on their own by adolescence” (Redbook, Oct2010). There are many resources that offer solutions to help parents that want to end co sleeping in their bed. The internet, magazines, books, doctors, friends, and family all have strategies on how to get the kids out of the bed. “Family therapist Jennifer Waldburger, of Los Angeles’s Sleepy Planet suggests try using a rewards system” (Redbook, Oct2010). This would consist of providing the child with a treat for every night that he or she sleeps in their own bed. The most important thing to remember is the “best practice is a matter of trial and error, and individual preference” (Australian Parenting, 2006). In conclusion, although parents who co sleep feel closer to their children, co sleeping is a common issue for parents for two reasons. First, there is the issue of safety. Busted lips, bruised body parts, and black eyes are obvious hazards to my
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