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Thesis: Research suggests that co-sleeping benefits infants because it decreases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, increases the amount of time breastfeeding, and helps stabilize the child’s physiology. Annotated Bibliography: Source #1 Goldberg, W. A., & Keller, M. A. (2007). Co-sleeping during infancy and early childhood: key findings and future directions. Infant & Child Development, 16(4), 457-469. doi:10.1002/icd.522 This article describes the benefits of co-sleeping by pointing out that night waking’s declined in frequency and duration. It also points out that most children who co-sleep do not need a security object to go to sleep. Another point this article discusses is the benefits co-sleeping…show more content…
This article is relevant to my research paper because it is the strongest source I have to prove that co-sleeping helps stabilize a child’s physiology. Source #6 Mao, A., Burnham, M. M., Goodlin-Jones, B. L., Gaylor, E. E., & Anders, T. F. (2004). A Comparison of the Sleep–Wake Patterns of Cosleeping and Solitary-Sleeping Infants. Child Psychiatry & Human Development, 35(2), 95-105 This article states that babies typically co-slept with parents until more modern times. It also discusses the percentage of co-sleeping families based on ethnicity. It also discusses how infants who co-sleep typically sleep within close proximity of the mother which means the carbon monoxide stimulates respiration rather than causing suffocation. Amy Mao, MD is a pediatric emergency medicine physician at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. Melissa Burnham is an associate professor of human development and family studies at the University of Nevada. This article is relevant to my research because it is peer reviewed, and it also discusses how sleeping in close proximity stimulates the infant and decreases the risk of SIDS. Source #7 Ramos, K. D., Youngclarke, D., & Anderson, J. E. (2007). Parental perceptions of sleep problems among co-sleeping and solitary sleeping children. Infant & Child Development, 16(4), 417-431. doi:10- 1002/icd.526 This article discusses sleep problems amongst infants. It discusses the important topic that most
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