Co-ed versus Same Sex Physical Education Classes

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Before title IX girls were not given the same opportunities as boys in physical education classes. They were not taught to perform skills as advances as boys, so tile IX changed that and made co-ed physical education classes. This gave girls and boys the same opportunities because they were actually participating together in the same class period. Even though it was a positive thing that girls were receiving the same attention the boys were receiving, it changed the way that both sexes acted as well as preformed in their classes for multiple reasons. The opposite sex can have an effect on one another, which causes more distractions and more attention is seeked from both sexes. Co-ed physical education also brings out male superiority,…show more content…
Same sex physical education classes have more advantages because students have a better work ethic, although if there were no title IX, girls would still be treated unfairly and not receive the attention and materials they should. Co-ed physical education has given girls the equal opportunity they should have in their classes. They now are taught the same things as well as in the same class as the boys. It is a positive thing that title IX provided equality but there are also negative aspects that it has brought along. With having boys and girls in the same class male superiority is being shown a lot more than in same sex classes (Lirgg 183). For instance, males are usually very athletic and like to show off their skills in physical education class. This illustrates male superiority because they are the ones usually controlling the games and may not let the girls participate as mach as the boys. “For example, a Canadian study by Schneider and Coutts (1982) found that coeducational schools were perceived by students as being more gregarious, group-cen- tered, friendly, enjoyable, tolerant of noncompliance, spontaneous, and conducive to self-confidence and self-respect than were same-sex schools” (Lirgg 183). This is a positive note because if the students are enjoying themselves and are happy to be in school, they will want to go and work hard. Co-ed schools also result in the

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