Co2 Levels Are Changing Essay

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1. How do we know CO2 levels are changing?
Tip: use at least 3 different sources of evidence that show evidence of changing CO2 levels.
We know CO2 levels are changing from a variety of clues. The ability to see the earth on Antarctica in some parts in a clear indication that the global temperature is rising and also that there are in fact more greenhouse emissions as a result of this, due to decaying biomass. More evidence of a significant change in CO2 emissions was when a group of scientists drilled into a section of Antarctic ice and tested the carbon caught in oxygen sockets and showed the changes in carbon over 40,000 years.

2. What causes natural changes in CO2?
Tip: think about the carbon cycle and seasonal changes.
There are many
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How much are we changing levels of CO2?
Tip: use 3 different data sources so that you are confident of your values.
We, as a species, are altering levels or carbon dioxide dramatically. According to NASA, concentration levels of carbon dioxide haven’t been as high as they are now for over 1,000,000 years and that the rate of change CO2 levels in the past five years is alarming.
5. How do changes in CO2 affect us and our environment?
Tip: consider the different effects of increased CO2 on global climate, weather and the oceans.
Changes in CO2 are affecting us and our environment in many ways. the most predominant effect of carbon dioxide changes is on the weather and oceans. Unpredictable heat waves are occurring in unforeseen parts of the world (i.e. Europe) and global temperatures as a whole are rising. The rise in the temperatures can not only affect us but the flora and fauna around us. With hotter temperatures, some plants and animals may be unable to adjust which would result in a chain reaction. Heat is affecting the oceans as well and many long standing glaciers or ice shelves to melt and alter the oceans temperature, levels and salinity. These, resultantly, are causing disruptions to the thermohaline conveyor and are effecting islands or seaside town as the water level
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