Teamwork In The Film 'Coach Carter' By Timo Cruz

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The Reasons I like the film Coach Carter it start with you seeing the state of the basketball team and why they want Ken carter to coach there. Movies that are about sport have always been my favorite type of genre and underdog stories. This film has two of my favorite actors Samuel L. Jackson and Rick Gonzalez that play their role in the movie extremely well. I like what the Ken Carter is trying to do to give back to the best way he can by trying to effect a special group of kids so they don’t end up dead or in prison. He is taking a job with low pay and dedicate his free hours and also work on opening his second store. He not only teaches them to be better basketball players, but better students. There is not a lot of special effect in the movie except when it is necessary like in the shooting on the street and the final second of the basketball games.…show more content…
The connection I can make with the movie is when Timo Cruz quits and starts hanging out with wrong group of people, but soon wants to come back on the team a play with his real friends. I extremely like that it’s based on a true story and that this actually had a real effect on people's lives. My favorite scene the at the end what Cruz says the poem that Coach Carter kept mentioning to him and telling him” What is your deepest Fear”. This film is very inspirational about teamwork at the team comes together for one another. His ways of teaching are very unique some are very serious and some were funny. I liked the massage they try to get out and that's sport won't get you far unless you're a great but study and hard work in school will get you everywhere. Even though you expect them to win the state title the ending is not like your typical Cinderella story when they win the whole thing, but then teaches you that winning is not the only
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