Coach Carter: The Cardinal Virtue Of Justice

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Coach Carter
"You said we're a team. One person struggles, we all struggle. One person triumphs, we all triumph." As seen in this quote, the movie Coach Carter truly depicts the values of Christian beliefs. Moreover, it shows how hard work and dedication can make one become whom God wants him or her to be. This quote and the movie show how people come together to form a strong and faithful society. Throughout the movie, the cardinal virtue of justice, the theological virtue of love an act of Christian morality, and an act of solidarity are demonstrated through the journey of this coach and his basketball team.
The cardinal virtue of justice is treating others with the respect they deserve and with fairness. Coach Carter demonstrates this cardinal
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Morality is what humans ought to do by reason of who they are. Furthermore, Christian morality is doing what is right and makings sacrifice in the process. It is being totally and completely selfless while doing something for someone else. Coach Carter demonstrates Christian morality throughout the movie but most importantly, right in the beginning. His act of Christian morality is when he decides to take the job at Richmond High School. Coach Carter had to make many sacrifices when taking this job. First, he made the sacrifice of decreasing the amount of time devoted to his very successful sports store. His hours were immensely cut when he took the job. Another sacrifice was his energy. Richmond's team was definitely not the dream team a coach would have no problem coaching. This situation was exactly opposite. Richmond only won four games last season, the locker room was totally divided, and the players needed discipline. During the season, Carter had to deal with fixing the internal issues of the team while making sure the team was winning. He knew that the coaching position was not the best job, but he took it because he understood the situation. Carter saw that he could make these men into the people God wanted them to be, and his work would better the lives of many. Making those sacrifices was the right thing to do in order to do the right thing. Coach Carter acted completely selfless in this situation and…show more content…
Justice, the cardinal virtue, was greatly demonstrated by Coach Carter in his treatment of his players. The theological virtue of faith was exhibited many times with by the faith of Coach Carter in his players to succeed past high school. Coach Carter sacrifices many things in his life in order to help these young men succeed in the way they deserve to in an act of Christian Morality. The influence of Carter rubbed off well on the players, as they perfectly demonstrate solidarity by helping out their struggling teammate. This movie has so many important lessons that cannot be understood by reading out a textbook. The movie Coach Carter put into action the lessons of morality and being a good person. Treating others with the respect they deserve and with the utmost care and love is one lessons that Christianity is built on. Coach Carter truly captivates the way people ought to be and the way people ought to act towards each other. The lessons from this movie are some of the most important lessons one can get in
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