Coach Carter 's Conflict Resolution Methods

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Coach Carter’s Conflict Resolution Methods Introduction Bargaining to resolve conflict is a never ending story throughout the history of mankind. There are certain people who are truly inspirational due to their ability to stand firm on their morals. The movie Coach Carter (2005), exemplifies one such person, who is able to take a stand against the established culture of losing. The movie is focused on inner-city basketball, but it showcases several conflict resolution methods employed by a dedicated coach who wants to change the culture of accepting counterproductive behavior. There are several bargaining lessons that can be learned from this movie, which include good faith bargaining, negotiating with people who do not share the…show more content…
Kolb and Williams (2003), state that crafting agreements involves advocacy and connection. This suggests that bargainers need to not only advocate their need, but to also build a relationship with the other side. Coach Carter did indeed negotiate in good faith because he proved that he meant what he said from the beginning. Conflicting Individual Values Obviously, Coach Carter and the community as a whole held different values. Nevertheless, the community was made up of individuals with free will. Therefore, tolerating certain bad behaviors was an individual choice. Coach Carter advocated personal accountability, which was the opposite from what the community members desired. Sadly and ironically, even some of the school administrators were against teaching accountability. For whatever reason, this is also common in real life inner city schools. This was lesson was learned while assigned as a recruiter in some of San Diego’s inner city high schools. It was shocking to hear some of the things that some school administrators would say and do, which were counterproductive to their mission of providing an education. Schools, especially inner city schools need more people like Coach Carter who simply value doing the right thing. Bargaining with individuals who do not see value in doing the right thing is almost impossible. Kolb and Williams, suggest that engaging and appreciative moves are also necessary in order build

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