Coach Foster Case Summary

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Mr. Mullen, Below is the email that Coach Wells (CRHS) sent to Mr. Sheffield and copies Coach Bouthillier (LHS) and Coach Foster (CHS) regarding the equability of the 15 meets (5 per HS) at the new YMCA. Also below is Mr. Sheffield’s reply which indicates that, “No dates were scheduled at the meeting”. It goes on to state, “I left that up to each school”. This appears to be the issue. In addition I would HIGLY suggest that on the days of ANY school’s meets at the YMCA, that the base school at the YMCA (LHS) would either schedule an “AWAY” meet and/or should practice at Bicentennial Pool (CR). If it happens to be to be on a rare day that CRHS has practice (and not a meet) at the Bicentennial Pool then LHS could practice after CRHS finishes as has been the case in these current years. My concern for suggesting this is that I am not sure it is the best arrangement to have a team practicing while another team is setting up for the meet and a third team is coming from away to prepare for the meet. At Bicentennial there is a great amount of room when this had to take place.…show more content…
I have modified it to accommodate LHS currently schedule meets but still rotates the YMCA meet usage while also only having meets twice a week rather than three times at the
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