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Financial Analysis on competitors, Tiffany & Co. and Coach, Inc. Tiffany & co. and Coach, Inc. Prepared for: Rodger Klee Prepared by: Ann Henkelman and Jen Thompson June 26, 2012 Table Of CONTENTS: Tiffany & co. and Coach, Inc. 1 Table Of CONTENTS: 2 Introduction and Company Profiles 2 Tiffany & Co. 3 Coach, Inc. 5 DuPont Model 5 EMV, MVA, and the Valuation of Common Stock 5 Reflections 6 Attachments 6 Introduction and Company Profiles Tiffany & Co. In 1837, men named Charles Lewis Tiffany and Teddy Young opened a store that sold stationery and fancy goods emporium in in…show more content…
Coach, Inc. Coach, Inc (Coach) is a marketer of fine accessories and gifts for women and men. Coach’s product offerings include women’s and men’s bag, accessories, business cases, footwear, wearables, jewelry, sunwear, travel bags, watches and fragrance. The Company operates in two segments: Direct-to-Consumer and Indirect. Coach is located primarily in North America and has recently expanded into Asian markets. Basing its image on "affordable luxury," Coach seeks to establish a premium brand that caters to affluent consumers but also provides lower-priced goods to appeal to the demand of middle-class customers. Due to its effective merchandising and brand-building, Coach has boasted high operating margins and increasing popularity within the U.S. and Japan for years, even in the suffering American economy. Coach also intends to take advantage of increasing luxury consumption in China by taking more control of its retail operations there and building its own stores instead of relying on third-party retailers. As Coach continues to develop its ultra-luxury collections, it will share in the recent increase in spending in luxury good markets as the affluent release pent-up spending power from the last year. Coach is divided into three main revenue segments: • Handbags (63% of net sales): There are usually 3 - 4 collections per quarter and 4 - 7 styles per collection.

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