Coaching Analysis

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Assignment one


Analysis of sports performance is of great importance to a higher performance sports coach. “Coaching is about enhancing an athlete(s) performance a principal means by which this achieved is through feedback however research as proven that human observation and memory are not reliable enough to provide the detailed information necessary to secure behavioural changes” (Franks and Miller 1986) P101.

According to world renowned rugby union coach Graham Henry “A successful coach is one who prepares his team to deal with all eventualities, are fully briefed on the game and understand their requirements. A coach’s job is to familiarise them with their particular strengths and weaknesses” (Henry 1999).
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Analysis can also be used whilst coaching on a one to one basis. The athlete can then view their performance techniques in order to ascertain information required in enhancing their performance.

2. The methods and systems used in performance analysis

1.2.1 The human memory can be used to aid a coach in his analysis of performance however this way is not known to be the most effective way to support performance analysis. Human memory is limited so it is almost impossible to remember and acknowledge everything that happens throughout a game type situation.

For example “Franks and Miller (1986) provided information research collected that showed less than 45 percent of football coaches where accurate in their post match assessment using the method of human memory” (Hughes 2008) p103. Even though the use of human memory can give the coach a general idea of how a team or athlete as done throughout a game or event, it should not be used to determine accurate observational or statistical conclusions.

1.2.2 “Hand notion is relatively accurate and cheap but it does have disadvantages” (Hughes 2008) p101. This type of method often consists of relevant details of performance that is often collected by one or more persons throughout an event or game type situation. Analysis data is collected and presented to the coach often in the form of graphs pie charts, and bar
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