Coaching And Leadership In Business Essay

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As managers, one of the biggest challenges we face on a daily basis is that of actually managing our people. One common challenge we discovered among our group was the difficulty of hiring the right people for the right job. Not only does one have to define the technical skills necessary to perform the job, managers need to determine which type of behavioral skills the new hire must possess in order to fit into the dynamics of the existing team. The latter is much harder to identify. Finding the right personalities that will work well and compliment your existing team is critical. Personnel Decisions International (1999) explains, when hiring people it is important to determine the most important competencies for the organization as…show more content…
Not only is he no longer with the company, but the project the company was working on has also been terminated. As Axelrod, Handfield-Jones, and Michaels (2002) state, overcoming the natural tendency to turn a blind eye to underperforming employees starts with the dual recognition that building a strong talent pool is critical to driving the company's performance and that effectively managing low performers is essential to doing that. In this particular case one might ask, did the company fail this person, or was it simply a case of a C performer needing to be removed from the company? Axelrod, Handfield-Jones and Michaels (2002) claim that the continued presence of C performers discourages the people around them. Maybe it was better that the person left the company if his behavior was having a negative impact on the organization's success. Behavioral changes are not always easy to change. First, management must realize and address the unwanted behavior and then the individual must agree that they have a problem. Simply agreeing on the problem is not enough. As Waldroop and Butler (1996) point out, behavioral change is possible only when it is voluntary, and willingness to change depends on the individual, who has to be willing to do something about improving their unwanted behavior. This leads into the next common challenge
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