Coaching As The Manager 's Performance Essay

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Aguinis (2013) describes coaching as the manager’s ongoing effort to guide the employee’s performance by collaborating with the employee, advising the employee, reinforcing desirable behaviors, and assisting employees with capitalizing on improving their areas of opportunities (p. 227). In order for coaching to be successful, managers should follow four important guidelines: coaching requires collaboration and respect, the employee has the power to change, each employee is unique, and the coach enables change (Aguinis, 2013, p. 228). Essentially, the coach’s role in the coaching relationship is to provide direction, support, and counseling to form developmental objectives and attain them (Aguinis, 2013, p. 229). According to Aguinis (2013), coaches transform their feedback that manifests itself in the employee and the employee’s performance by establishing goals, communicating effectively, inspiring the employee to attain their developmental goals, maintaining a record of the employee’s performance, providing feedback on performance, identifying the employee’s areas of opportunity, and provide the means to develop the employee’s knowledge, skills, and abilities (p. 230). Gregory and Levy (2011) underscore the importance of the coach’s openness to feedback, as it could provide the coach with valuable knowledge of how to be a more effective coach (p. 68). Lock (2008) states that the purpose of developmental coaching is to improve the employee’s performance (p. 103).
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