Coaching Ethics : Making Ethical Decisions

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My journal review for this week is titled, Coaching ethics: Making ethical decisions--novices and experts by Dr. Jonathan Passmore. This British study was published in The Coaching Psychologist in 2009. I choose this article to discuss based on Dr. Welfel’s discussion in Chapter 12 regarding “The Ethics of Coaching” where she asked the question “what constitutes competent and ethical coaching?” regarding coaching as a practice activity for mental health professionals that has emerged fairly recently and has grown dramatically in a brief period (Welfel, 2016). Coaching is distinct from psychotherapy because the focus is on the present and the future, is centered on helping clients achieve their potential, does not represent therapy for…show more content…
Main Points The author began by addressing the lack of literature written regarding ethics in coaching. This statement was made in 2009. In 2016, Dr. Welfel implies the same since this type coaching has grown dramatically in brief period. There is limited research evidence for its effectiveness, the determination of what is competent coaching, or that standards of care are not clearly defined (Welfel, 2016). She further defined “coaching psychology” as enhancing well-being and performance in personal life and work domains underpinned by models of coaching grounded in established learning theory or psychological approaches (Welfel, 2016). Dr. Passmore believed helping coaches think about ethical dilemmas would be prudent. The author also touched on the international differences in focus regarding ethics in coaching. In North America, the focus was more toward the teaching coaches about the legal implications of poor ethical decisions and how to avoid potential claims. In Australia, the focus has been on the growth of life coaching as a proxy for counseling services. None of these focuses were on ethics or the potential dangers posed by an unregulated market where coaches could be faced with
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