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Reverse mentoring (where a more junior colleague mentors a senior leader) can also be effective in encouraging sharing and learning across generations and/or between role levels. More information on the use of mentoring to develop individuals for key or leadership positions can be found in our factsheet on succession planning and in our report The talent perspective on participants’ perceptions of talent management programmes. Go to our factsheet on succession planning Visit the talent perspective report CIPD members can make use of their mentoring skills in helping young job seekers into work through our Steps Ahead Mentoring campaign. Recent research published in our report Volunteering to learn: employee development through community action also demonstrates that such schemes and other volunteering opportunities can help build coaching and mentoring skills. Find out more about Steps Ahead Mentoring Visit the report Distinction with counselling It can also be difficult to draw a clear distinction between the concepts of coaching or mentoring and that of counselling, not least because many of the theoretical underpinnings of coaching are drawn from models associated with counselling. For a more detailed discussion of the differences between coaching, mentoring and

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