Coaching For The Real Win. The Early 1900 Was When Sports

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Coaching for the Real Win The early 1900 was when sports started being involved with the education system. Educators found that sports could teach lessons to children that they would not necessarily get in the classroom. Sports has been shown to benefit the student athlete in more than one aspect of their lives, but that does not come automatically with just playing sports. While I do believe that participating in sports has a positive effect on players, it is not just the sport that do the trick. No matter the style of coaching, the most important thing a coach can do is be a positive influence on every aspect of the athlete’s life by forming a relationship with their athlete. There are many unique qualities to make up a great coach both…show more content…
Now this point can go either way; while a coach should be able to motivate their players, the players themselves should have an inside motivation of their own. It all goes back to communication. If a coach is not good at communicating their expectations and such with the players, sometimes the players can become uninterested. Even more drastically, there have been cases where a coach was just so bad, it even caused a player to turn away and completely lack motivation to even continue to play the sport (Bornstein 2). All of the above are mostly qualities that a coach must show on the court, but what about off court? Through all of my research, one thing was constant; the single most important thing that a coach can do is build a relationship with their players. When coaches take their time to get to know each and every one of their players, the chances of the athlete respecting and responding to the coach are much greater. Giving the athlete a feeling of belonging, importance, and welcoming will increase their confidence and most likely their level of play as well. In his article, Scales explains how developing positive relationships results in athletes not only with better athletic ability, but also with better emotional control, social skills, and connection to school and community (20). One of the most important characteristics of having a relationship with the athlete is caring for them. Florida Tech swim coach thinks the most important

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