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East Hall High School is where I conducted my coaching interview. I was granted the opportunity to interview one of the most prestige High School coaches in the state of Georgia; Joe Dix. Dix is the head coach for the boys’ Varsity basketball team at East Hall. Dix and his staff were conducting try outs during our coaching interview, which is was pumped about. Coach Dix talked about the pressure on him and his team to bring home a State Title this year since it’s been a decade since his last one. Joe Dix is in his 21st season as a basketball coach and his 11th as the head coach at East Hall. As the head coach at East Hall Dix has won 2 State Titles, with 5 Final Four appearances, and 7 Region Championships. Being that East Hall and Gainesville…show more content…
Coach Dix believes that this style of coaching helps him motivate his young team. Being that crazy, funny, heady, and intense coach gets the young teens pumped and ready to run through a wall for him. When we talked about the difficult situations he has had to endure while coaching, Dix described two situations that occurred during his tenure at East Hall; Coach Dix mentioned a time when his star player who happened to win the Georgia Player of the year the previous year, kicked a ball during practice and broke out a window in the gym. He stated this was a difficult and sticky situation because the team played its big rival in two days. He said he did not sleep well the next few nights because of the impact a suspension would have on his squad. Another situation Dix had to deal with was a parent during a game, walked to the bench, grabbed their son and told the player to get dressed, we’re transferring from this school. Dix said that this was new territory for him and at that time he did not know what to do. To conclude the interview, I asked Dix two final questions. I asked him what were his ultimate goals for his team and what advice would he give to a first year coach? “Championships and graduation,” Coach Dix stated. As for advice for a first year coach, Dix said “Preparation was KEY.” “Great coaches are always prepared for anything and everything!” In conclusion, my interview with Coach Dix was great. Dix is a fiery, and competitive coach I think I would like to model once I merge into the coaching field. Dix gave me a lot of insight on what it takes to be successful when running a sports program. I believe I became a better coach from just asking and listening to him. It was a great overall experience, and I’m glad I was able to interview a coach of his
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