Coaching Interviews : Common Threads

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Coaching Interviews: Common Threads – Different but Yet the Same When I reflect on the beginning of my journey as a Christian, I fondly recall the warm and secure blanket of love and guidance I received from Ms. Mackey, a well-seasoned member of my church congregation. She took me under her wings, and provided me with a safe haven where I could glean from her wisdom, experience and become motivated to serve. Eventually, I was mature enough to fly away; and, fly away I did! This was one of the best experiences of my life. Recently, I had an opportunity to use interviews to seek out the wisdom and experiences of well-seasoned coaches and, as stated in Proverbs 3 (ESV). Strangely enough, this experience culminated in a warmth and satisfaction that was congruent with my experiences with Ms. Mackey. It left me with a new sense of determination and confidence to develop my own coaching style, and more motivated to serve. Before I discuss the common thread I discovered during the interviews, I would like to present the interviewees, their background:
• Dwight Conley, a New York University certified coach also has a degree in Psychology. His passion for helping and mentoring people allowed his smooth transition into coaching. He stated that coaching is a process, only available to those who are whole and can move forward into the future. Currently, his services include motivation speaking, coaching, live radio and consulting.
• Linda Jones, who holds certifications from the
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