Coaching Is A Challenging, But Very Rewarding Job.A Coach

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Coaching is a challenging, but very rewarding job. A coach is a teacher, mentor and a student all at the same time. They are expected to coach all types of students from various backgrounds no matter what, if they don’t produce they are seen as being ineffective and will be replaced by another coach. As a coach, I have learned that occasionally I had to step out of my comfort zone in order to reach my players. I believe in hard work if we are going to do something we are going to be all in until it is complete. We play until the whistle blows, never quit on your team if you quit on them, then it will carry over into your personal life, respect is not owed, it is earned treat everyone how you would want to be treated and lastly trust is…show more content…
As for coaches we either will continue to enforce the good values and build on what our athletes believe in or we will be responsible for changing their bad values and replacing them with our own. Since I have been coaching I have established a set of values that I teach and demand that my players follow if they are going to play for me. First everyone will respect each other not matter what the situation. Secondly manners, we will treat each other as we want to be treated. Open lines of communication they are the standard that they seek and demand of the athletes. Finally, trust, I have to be able know that my athlete is going to do the right thing even when no else is around. At times I can be very emotional and lose myself in a game or even at practice. That’s when I have to step back and reevaluate myself to see if I am following the same values as my players, as a coach I lead by example. As a coach there has to be a means to an end, this where we as coach have to make sure all our athletes understand our overall intent. Once your team understands your intent now we as coaches come up with a plan of action that incorporates all of our athletes to meet the intent. To achieve the end state, I use positive reinforcement, respect, repetition, open

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