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• Coaching on legal orientations
The Human Resources department should be thoroughly appraised with the laws and legal issues of the Emirate of Dubai. Here are some of the legal issues which need to be borne in mind:
1. Overtime
2. Attendance and Punctuality
3. Types of Employment
4. Temporary Employment and Appointment of Retirees
5. Appointment of Temporary Employees to Permanent Posts.
6. Appointment of Persons with Outstanding skills
7. Special Contracts
8. Appointment Priority
9. Appointment of Employee whose Service is Terminated.
10. Entitlement of Salary
11. Probation Period
12. Allowance, Bonus and Benefits
13. Authority Responsible for Evaluation of Posts.
14. Updating the Table of Grades and Salaries
15. Minimum Salary of UAE National Employees
16. Employee 's Performance Appraisal and Bonuses
17. Performance Based Periodic Salary Increment
18. Special Cash Bonuses
19. Promotions
20. Methods of Promotion
21. Obligations of Employees on Scholarships
22. Utilization of Annual Leave
23. Carrying over the Annual Leave Entitlement
24. Special Leave to Participate in Events
25. Special Leave to Accompany Relatives for Medical Treatment.
26. Unpaid Leave
27. General Provisions Relating to Leave.
28. Annual Air Tickets.
29. Transfer of Employees (National and Expatriate)
30. Medical Insurance Policy
31. Conviction Policy
32. Termination of Services
33. End of Service Gratuity.
34. Functions of Human Resources Department.

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