Coaching Process Exercise And Inventory Self Assessment Questionnaire

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Coaching is a short term process used to enhance the development of an employee. Coaching is valuable to the organization as a whole. A coachee need for development must be purposeful to realize development. Before beginning the coaching process, you must ensure that you understand what your role as coach is, that your coachee is aware of their responsibilities, and that the environment in which the coaching takes place is conducive to this activity (Coaching Skills for Managers, n.d.). Hay Group (2007, pg. 5), states that the coach should to do the following: • Identify team members’ strength and aspirations. • Establish development goals. • Support their development plan. • Seek opportunities for team members. • Encourage improvement. •…show more content…
Managing the coaching process involves coaching preparation, coaching techniques, coaching qualities and feedback or conversation. In the preparation segment of the coaching process, Hay Group (2007), suggest the following questions • What feedback is available about my coachee? • Who can I talk with to gather different perspectives? • What can I do to gather information to help me learn more about my coahee early on in the coaching process? The coach can get the coachee file from Human Resource Management. If the coachee is an existing employee, the coach can collect information on the coachee from coworkers as well as Human Resource Management. The coachee performance evaluation will reveal the strength and opportunity for improvement. Information from the coahee coworkers may reveals the coachee feedback profile. Whatever the coach learns about the coachee should not cloud the coach decision. The coach should not be judgmental but have an open mind. The coach must remind himself or herself the goal to improve and develop the coachee to their best potential. How often will the coach and coachee meet, the meeting environment should be positive, and a decision should be made of who will be at the coaching meeting. During this process include specific responsibilities for the coachee, make it clear that the coachee is accountable for the outcome of their task. Create a coaching friendly context, that promotes the coachee to open, knowing that making

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