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Coaching Program:

In sport an ACL injury is the most frequently ruptured ligament of the knee (Johnson, 1983), it is described by Flynn 2005 as a serious, common and costly injury (Flynn, 2005). In many cases an ACL injury is the result of noncontact and studies done by Barrett et al 1972 and Beckett et al 1992 support this as they reported that 78% and 71% of ACL injured patients described noncontact mechanisms of injury such as landing with too much knee extension or change in direction (pivoting) (Barrett et al 1972 and Beckett et al 1992) and also can happen due to contact such dominant kicking leg, fall on the knee or even a forceful blow to the knee. Bjordal et al 1997, in their findings showed that 58% and 42% of ACL injuries were due to tackling in women and men, correspondingly in men footballers, 64% tackles were from the side, whereas, in women soccer players, ACL injuries were due to the tackling from side (44%) as well as from the front (32%) (Bjordal et al, 1997). Research done by Nicholas 1970 and Beckett et al 1992 have both suggested that due to excessive intimal tibial rotation concomitant with hyperpronantion of the joint during stance and inherent knee joint laxity may be one of the causes of ACL injuries in athletes (Nicholas, 1970 and Beckett et al, 1992).
Other research done by Feagin et al 1987, Garrick et al 2001, Gottlob et al 1999 and Hewett et all 1999 all go on to state how common ACL injuries are, as an estimated 80 000 to more than 250 000…
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