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Mentoring Assignments level 7
The abilities and performance characteristics of effective leaders are appraised.
In 1992 Sir Peter dela Billiere was quoted as Strenght of personality is always likely to be part of the DNA of top leaders. He based this around his research around military structure throughout history ,sir Peter was throughout his career an very well respected Military officer who has spoken at many Buiness conventions on leadership .
(Hooper and Potter2000 ;Hodgson 2004) argue that the small percentage could be increased through appropriate development and more self awareness.
I John Adair book Fundamentals of Leadership 2005 he suggest that originations should focus on strategic aspects of leadership .He was able to
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In contrast Stogdill (1974) presents that there are over 160 definitions of leadership,Adair (2005) conculede that this can be put into three selected levels .
Strategic-Big picture
Abient –Day to Day
Espisodic-small or Group
The Concept of episodic front line leader ship has emerged from studies of Forgas (1979) social episodes.

The start of the 20th centaury there has been the approach that the Great man theories,qualiteis approach that great leader are born despite more interest being set in psychological theories.
Stogdill (1974) has enhanced the work of the university of Ohio and the University of Michigan. In essence that leader operate in tow sort of behaviour direct to towards achieving the task and developing and maintain the relationships.
This is the essence of the managerial grid defined by Blake and Mounton (1964)which sugest five key leadership styles . * High Task and Low Relationship Style * High Task and High Relationship Style * Low task and High Relationship Style * Low Task and high Relationship Style * Medium Task and Medium Relationship Style
The summary was the leader should occupy the middle of the above which has been formed to a grid theory, thus that mangers should occupy a medium level on both task and relationship behaviour.
Thos approach has been linked to the laws cybernetics and expert systems ,namely Ashbys Law of Requisite Variety which states the highest number of
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