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The use of coaching and mentoring is on the rise within the workplace. Several organizations have adopted the process of coaching and mentoring as development tools to develop those employees who are seeking future advancement. Also, they are setting the foundation for future leaders. The adaption of these developmental tools within an organization is providing employees with the necessary feedback and support to establish and plan their career. Coaching and mentoring provides an employee with the necessary leadership and management skills they would need to strive up the career ladder within an organization. These processes are both ‘helping’ activities, employed either as distinct interventions or together
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They need that continual feedback about goal achievement as well as the necessary support to improve their overall job performance. For managers to provide employees feedback and support in the form of coaching, developmental training, or managerial skills, these development are particularly relevant when employees are establishing their careers. (Cummings, 2009) In the workplace, employees want their managers to observe their work actions, and provide them comments on their executions and technical knowledge, which may be lacking. When employees are establishing careers, they are going to have concerns about how well they are performing tasks, job expectations, duties and responsibilities also wanting to gain the necessary knowledge and skills for advancement. That is why the role of a mentor and coach are essential in an employee’s development. It does not matter how much education and training a person receives, for a person to incorporate new skills and knowledge which it takes to get to that next level within the organization takes time, practice and feedback. Continual feedback and support interventions are very important; they provide employees with the tools which are necessary for their career development within the organization.
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