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Foundation Design: Coaching and Mentoring Introduction Organisations are increasingly evolving quicker due to globalisation and advances in industries and technology. These events have made market environments progressively more competitive and have changed the economic climate in which organisations operate. Unfortunately some organisations have had to implement restructures and reductions in workforce to ensure survival. Foundation Design are one of these organisations whose company size has gone from 1,513 employees to 780 employees. During the restructure of the organisation the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) identified that changes were required to its leadership profile and coaching and mentoring programmes. These changes…show more content…
Foundation Design must also ensure that they set clear targets that will ensure the achievement of organisational objectives. By setting targets and objectives it will also allow measurement of the effectiveness to take place, which again will protect investments made. By providing coaches to its executives and senior leaders organisations are showing them the benefits of coaching in the hope that this will transfer down into the organisation. This has been seen in Kellogg’s Europe, who developed their coaching practices to senior level from middle and junior management. Kellogg’s experienced a renewed investment in coaching as senior managers were enthused by the coaching they had received and the benefits of having a coach themselves. This new enthusiasm towards coaching has spread throughout the organisation and it could be suggested will have a positive impact on performance and organisational effectiveness (Clutterbuck and Megginson, 2005). Often there is reluctance from managers ‘who has no time or inclination for coaching others having an epiphany as a result of being on the receiving end of effective coaching’ (Clutterbuck and Megginson, 2005, pp. 50). It could be suggested that Foundation Design may experience some negativity towards the refocus on coaching due to the bad experience they have previously experienced with external coaches, it could be suggested that Foundation Design are displaying

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