Coaching and Mentoring

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Organizations nowadays are not free of the burden of their employees making costly mistakes. Should they fall behind schedule on a particular project or if their current skills are not sufficient enough to compensate for an adjustment that is needed by a client that the company is servicing, then either the company will waste an opportunity or it will suffer a loss because their employees were not well-equipped to handle specific situations. And because of this, mentoring and coaching have become a very strategic manner in which organizations train and manage their employees. In such a setting, the atmosphere is more personal as opposed to a seminar and it is quite helpful as some cases have attested to it. The goal of mentoring is to be …show more content…
This will address the specificity of the issues that he or she needs to be coached at. The process of mentoring offers the right venue wherein both worker and manager are able to offer specific information to one another so that they will be able to mutually advance on their own. A perfect example for this is that the younger generation may be able to help baby boomers help out with their marketing strategies regarding the marketing trend that the newer generation is currently adopting or help may also come in the form of helping them with technical skills that are needed in today 's fast-paced economy.
As a manager or a supervisor, it is imperative that coaching or mentoring becomes part of a company 's policy because it offers the chance of improving the quality of service that an employee gives, thus improving the quality of service that a company gives. The end goal of ultimately addressing the bigger picture may come from successfully mentoring a particular employee but in and of itself, coaching and mentoring has its rewards already present. The coaching or mentoring that an individual gets gives rise to a two-way benefit that can only come from a successful mentoring program and a well-equipped mentor.


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