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Coaching at Nandos Author: Melanie Salle - 2010 Content page Executive summary p.3 1.1 Introduction p.3 1.2 Literature review p.3 2 Method p.5 3 Results/ Findings p.5 4 Discussion/ Analysis p.6 5 Evaluation p.7 6 Conclusion p.7 7 Recommendations p.7 References p.8 Appendix 1 p.9 2 Executive summary This report aimed to examine how the chain of restaurants ‘Nandos’ successfully implemented coaching in its organisation. Indeed, it appeared that the method Nandos used to implement coaching in its business was quite similar to what the literature suggested. The company succeeded to follow the steps that allow coaching to be efficient in a company: to…show more content…
A great coach uses his expertise to enhance and stimulate individual learning and to increase the personal effectiveness of the client. (Edwards.L, 2003) When the coaching is well conducted, it has a huge impact on organisational climate, motivation and performance (Goleman, 1992 cited in Harrison.R, 2005) However, even if coaching is becoming popular its effectiveness is still open to debate. Coaching is ‘often conducted without addressing the environment in which managers operate’ (Golberg.R, 2005). Moreover, ‘executives often resist to be coached, inhibiting them from learning or acting differently’. (Golberg.R, 2005) That is why authors suggest that rigorously measure the coaching in order to increase its effectiveness. 4 2. Method The national training awards 2005 presented how Nandos introduced coaching in its organisation. In 2001, Nandos introduced a programme called ‘Introduction to coaching’. The aim was to coach the Nando’s managers (called the ‘Patraos’) to enable them to develop their employees (called the Nandocas). Before starting the programme managers had to read the book ‘leadership and the one minute manager’ by Kenneth H.Blanchard (2000). Then, the programme was divided into two days and was conducted by an internal facilitator.

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