Coal Fuel And Natural Gas

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Coal - fuel, which accounts for the peak of popularity in the late 19th - early 20th century. Then the majority of engines used as fuel and coal consumption of this mineral was truly overwhelming. In the 20th century, coal gave way to palm oil, which in turn is in danger of being supplanted in the 21st century alternative sources of fuel and natural gas. However, nevertheless, coal to this day is strategic material. Coal is used to produce more than 400 different products. Coal tar-tar and water used for producing ammonia, benzene, phenol, and other chemical compounds which, after processing used in the manufacture of paint products and rubber. When the deep processing of coal can obtain rare metals: zinc, molybdenum, germanium. Coal…show more content…
The coal-bearing deposits of coal, along with many species found geo resources having consumer relevance. They are the host rocks for the construction industry as a raw material, groundwater, coal bed methane, rare and trace elements including rare metals and their compounds. For example, certain coals are enriched in germanium. In terms of coal Russia ranked fifth in the world (after China, the US, India and Australia), 3/4 of coal produced is used to produce energy and heat, 1/4 - in metallurgy and chemical industries. Exports are a small part, mainly in Japan and the Republic of Korea. Open coal mining in Russia is 2/3 of the total. This method of production is considered the most efficient and cheap. However, without taking into account the associated severe violations of nature - the creation of deep pits and extensive overburden dumps. Mine production is more expensive and has a high accident rate, which is largely determined by the deterioration of mining equipment (40% of it is out of date and needs urgent modernization).
Russian coal basins
The role of a coal basin in the territorial division of labour depends on the quality of coal, the size of reserves, technical and economic indicators of production, the degree of preparedness of reserves for commercial operation, the size of production, transport and features of geographical location. From the combination of these conditions
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