Coal Mining As Environmental Health Issue

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There is a common bond throughout Kentucky that stretches from western to eastern state lines that unites many Kentuckians. This common thread is coal mining. Window decals proudly proclaiming “Coal miner’s daughter”, “friend of coal” license plates, and yard signs declaring “Coal keeps the lights on” are only a fraction of the coal mining propaganda frequently seen throughout my community. There is an allure to being a coal miner not only because it is a high paying job that does not require a college degree, but also because being a coal miner evokes a sense of pride within people. However due to the occupational hazards and coal’s impact on the environment, coal mining also poses as a very real environmental health issue for not only my community in western Kentucky but the entire state as well. This research paper aims to describe coal mining as environmental health issue, explain the potential health risks of working in and living near coal mines, identifying regulations and laws concerning the issue, describe the industry’s response to this issue, describe my community’s response to this issue, and identify needs and nursing interventions required for affected aggregates.

Coal mining is a relevant and current environmental health issue for not only my community or state, but the entire United States as well. Emissions from burning coal, water pollution related to mining coal, and coal ash, a byproduct from coal
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