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created by their combustion are essential policy strategies for stimulating the development of renewable energy technologies." In other words, externalities matter. But only if they are internalized - made part of transaction prices. And internalization requires government action. If the price of carbon fuels included the costs of the pollution they emit, we would buy less carbon fuel and more carbon-free fuel and we would produce less pollution. Fossil fuels have other social costs beside climate change. Their emissions cause smog and acid rain and other health hazards, and then there are the costs of protecting the supply of oil imported from abroad, sustaining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and cleaning up the oil spills. BP estimates cost of Gulf Coast cleanup at 20 billion dollars Tide turning against coal Why Peabody Energy's plant for a new coal plant seemed a better idea a decade ago The U.S. Energy Department estimates that wind turbines could provide a fifth of the nation's electricity by 2030, up from about 1 percent today Just outside Chicago, a major polluter lurks Indiana's State Line, one of the nation's dirtiest power plants, hangs on despite environmental dangers * 1 * 2 * next * | single page The State Line Power Station in northwest Indiana is a major contributor to Chicago's chronically dirty air. The plant was built along Lake Michigan by

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