Coal-fired Power Plant

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With the fast economic development, the global warming issue is threatening our planet nowadays. Global warming can cause ice melting, which leads to sea level rise globally. Many lovely cities and countries, such as London, Venice, and Bangladesh will be flooded with seawater and will disappear on the map. Moreover, ecosystems are badly affected by global warming, which forces many species to leave their homelands and move to the north or even extinct. Not only animals are under the extinction dangers, but also human beings are enduring the extreme weather, such as floods, acid rains, storms, droughts, etc. Along with the hostile environment, the human beings are in danger of the spreading disease, such as malaria. Coal-fired power plant generates 44 percent of the electricity; however, it is considered the biggest air polluter in the United States and one of the biggest factors in causing global warming. The greenhouse gas emissions from the coal-fired power plants are threatening the human health and the ecosystems. Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement its responsibilities and regulate the pollutants. Nevertheless, the U.S. EPA is facing with many challenges from the coal plants owners, Republicans, and workers in coal-reliant states, such as Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. They opposed to the U.S. EPA’s new carbon dioxide regulations and tried to overturn the EPA’s authority. This paper will
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