Coastal Change : The Ocean

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Tanner Woodward
Dr. Linda O’Hirok
ESRM 100 Sec. 04
31 October 2016
Coastal Change: The Ocean
The ocean is an extraordinary working machine. It benefits from itself as we benefit from it. This machine controls the earth’s climate, offers food for oceanic species and humans, trade, commercial and industrial transport, natural medicines and of course recreation (Ocean and Human Health, Consequently, we need to be aware on how we use the ocean due to its rich, and yet scarce, resources and convenience. This massive body of water is an ecosystem that houses many organisms that are effected by people’s wrong doings. Humans are specimens of habitat and cannot seem to understand whatever we do has a severe ripple effect on ourselves and living organisms, we are all a part of the earth’s hierarchy and we need to preserve its balance. Various studies have proven that humans are the ultimate cause of the oceans ecosystem matters. This results in the ocean failing to sustain itself, so we need to take action. The clock is ticking and the ocean is suffering from pollution, overfishing, habitat alteration, bycatching, invasive species and coastal development (Saier, 2007). Nonetheless, this raises the question to how are these issues having an effect on the ocean’s ecosystem?
There is no hiding from pollution because it is everywhere. Trash, plastics, bodily wastes and electronics make their way into the ocean and make up 80 percent of the oceans pollution.…
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