Coastal Management Long Reef Notes Geography Essay

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Coastal management The aim of this report is to investigate Long Reef and Collaroy Beach’s coastal management. Sand Dunes The Importance of Vegetation Sand dunes are a valid indication of the quality of the soil and the surrounding ocean. When vegetation is established in sand dunes, it stabilises it- i.e. gives the dunes structure. This structure helps prevent erosion by using the plant life to trap the sand. Without these plants (and ultimately the sand dunes) sand will be subject to many natural forces without protection, meaning any major storm could theoretically remove large amounts of sand from the beach with no natural means of replenishing it. Long Reef Beach is commendable in the amount of vegetation it has produced.…show more content…
Impact of Natural Disasters Natural disasters are considered harmful in terms of coastal management and can often cause years of work to be wiped out. It can take large amounts of sand from the beach and remove plant life. Collaroy Beach has been a victim of such natural disasters. A large storm back in 1945 caused Collaroy Beach to empty out a large percentage of its sand and damaged many structures. Collaroy Beach’s local council, Warringah Council, has taken action to prevent storm damage in the future. A revetment wall has been established on the sand dunes so waves do not cause as much damage to the dunes behind. Warringah has also purchased properties that were residential and cleared them, so that a storm will not damage as many structures. Coastal Management Sand Nourishment Sand nourishment refers to the replacement of sediment on beaches that has previously been lost, generally through natural processes. It is a commonly used practice in coastal management. Collaroy Beach uses sand nourishment as longshore drift has moved sand, which cannot be replenished as there are rock formations preventing sediment from refilling the beach. Collaroy Beach also does not have an established dune system, and cannot trap sand. Management Plan A management plan
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